Braun FHT1000 Review

Thermometer Braun FHT1000 is the recommended for convenience and professional accuracy among forehead thermometer. Braun forehead thermometer is designed to measure the temperature of the skin surface fht1000over the temporal artery that connected to the heart and enough to the skin surface for an accurate, non-invasive temperature measurement. It’s touched model and provide professional accuracy by gently swiping the forehead. It only recall the last measurement.

Why use the thermometer Braun FHT1000 ?

  • Measurement in under 3 seconds
  • It’s none- invasiveand safe to use.
  • I’s easy to use, A measurement can be taken even while a child is sleeping
  • It’s easy to read and measure accuracy.
  • Safe and hygienic Helps minimize spreading of germs.
  • recall the last temperature reading
  • Auto-Display memory

How the thermometer Braun FHT1000 works?

The Forehead thermometer has been clinically tested and proven to be safe and accurate when used correctly as instruction manual.  The temperature always a rang instead of  fixed value and it’s different throughout the day for persons. It is therefore important to determine your normal temperature range, usually a person’s normal temperature range tends to decrease with age.   In order to get accurate measurement, Thermometer Braun FHT1000 measures infrared energy radiated from the skin above the eyebrow area and the surrounding tissue and Temperature readings obtained by scanning the temple area will provide the greatest accuracy.

What’s the difference between forehead thermometers

After comparing varous of forehead themometer , Braun FHT1000 is easy to use and recommended for family hold. Braun FHT1000 is smaller than others and easy to take when travel.

Forehead Product Braun FHT1000 iProven MT-489Innovo INV-EF100DR. MADRE No-TouchBraun NTF3000TempIR No-Touch
High Fever Alarm
LCD Diplay
Weight3.2 ounces4 ounces3.2 ounces2.6 ounces8 ounces7.8 ounces
Memory1 time20 times20 times12 times1 time32 times
Touch ModeTouchTouchTouchNo TouchTouch and No TouchNo Touch
  • Braun FHT1000 use safe and highly accurate, it can take even while a child is sleeping
  • TempIR No-Touch is exactly the same as iProvén DMT-489 on accurate side. But TempIR No-Touch is the only infrared thermometeron the market that is backed by a free product replacement guarantee.

Braun FHT1000 Feature List

The Braun FHT1000 pay attention to your family healthy. And design to be a forehead thermometer and recommend for all ages. Compared with other forehead thermometers, it’s easy to use and provide accurate measurement.


  • Non-Invasive Temperature reading: Due to advanced technology, the Forehead thermometer captures the heat naturally given off by the forehead to calculate oral equivalent temperature.
  • LED Screen: Large LED screen clearly depicts the severity of your child’s temperature.
  • Fast, Accurate Readings: The innovative infrared technology allows measurement of forhead temperature in under 3 seconds
  • Auto-Display memory: The last reading is automatically displayed for 2 seconds when the unit is switched on .


User Guidance

Braun FHT1000 is very simple to use. If need repeat measured, go to step 3.

braun fht1000

    • Power ON: Press and release the power button once. Backlight will come on and the warm up sequence starts .
    • Ready : When device displays STEADY “00” on the screen, it’s ready to take a measurement
    • Position: Position the thermometer on the forehead, just above the eyebrow and clean the area such as hair or dirt to improve the reading accuracy. Be sure to hold the thermometer flush against the forehead.
    • Take temperature: Press the “Temperature button” and slowly swipe diagonally down the forehead to the temple and then back. Be sure to hold the thermometer flush against the forehead while you swipe. When the temperature button is pressed a dashed line will appear on the screen and a soft beeping is heard to let you know the thermometer is working. Do not remove the thermometer from the forehead until you hear the long, 2-second confirmation beep.
    • Read temperature: At the confirmation beep, remove the thermometer from the forehead and read the temperature. The screen will illuminate the appropriate color for the temperature reading. Green for normal temperatures, Yellow for slightly elevated temperatures, and red indicates that fever may be present
    • Power off: Press the power button. To conserve battery power, the unit will automatically shut down after 20 seconds of no use
Fever Guidance feature

Fever Guidance helps you to better understand the meaning of your child’s temperature with the color indicated on the display. The screen displays green if no fever, yellow when the temperature is slightly elevated and a red alert for fever.



Package Contents

Braun Forehead Thermometer, 1 storage cap and  2 AAA batteries.


Pros && Cons

Braun FHT1000 is easiest-to-use one with accurate measurement and humanized design , although it’s not perfect. But considering the price to performance ratio , it’s a very good  choice.

  • Large color-coded screen for fever detection
  • Remember the last 1 temperature, it’s enough to used.
  • Easy to use and measures in just seconds
  • Non-invasive convenience.
  • Safety, it’s a digital infrared thermometer and not contain any mercury.
  • Professional accuracy by swiping the forehead gentlely
  • Safe and hygenic – no probe covers needed
  • Be affected by environmental temperature
  • Swiping too slow or too fast may impact your reading
  • Not waterproof and keep it far away from water or other liquids


Braun FHT1000 used For any age, because it is safety, no danger and do not cause pain, but for newborn, choose braun IRT6520 will be better, it’s more accuracy . Several tips need to make notice when measure temperature:

  • Ensure keep contact with forehead when measure
  • Wait at least 10 seconds between every reading if need multiple readings, because very often repeate use with no pause will influence the accuracy.
  • Do not measure temperature after sports ,taking a bath, drinking or eat.
  • Keep it out of children’s reach.
  • keep it in a dustfree because of extremely sensitive sensor.
  • Hold the thermometer flush against the forehead and swipe slowly from above the eyebrow down to the temple, and back again. Swiping too slow or too fast may impact your reading.
  • Do not remove the thermometer from the forehead before hearing the final beep
  • Do not take a measurement while or immediately after nursing a baby
  • Do not use the Forehead thermometer in high humidity environments
  • Use an alcohol swab to carefully clean the sensor and wait for 5 minutes before taking a measurement on another patient.
  • Always take the temperature in the same location, since the temperature readings may vary from different locations on the forehead


Braun FHT1000 take new infrared detection technology and through a large number of clinical testing accuracy is higher , compare with other forehead Thermometer s , it’s really worth at the price.  When color is red on LCD may signal a serious illness, especially for newborn or old man. Please seek professional advice immediately when there is a temperature elevation. As mentioned before, If used for newborn braun IRT6520 will be better because of Age Precision® Technology for age adjustable fever guidance.

Braun FHT1000

Braun FHT1000












            • Large color-coded screen for fever detection
            • Non-invasive convenience
            • Remember the last 1 temperature, it’s enough to used.
            • Professional accuracy by gentle swiping the forehead
            • Easy to use and measures in just seconds


            • Be affected by environmental temperature
            • Not waterproof
            • Swiping too slow or too fast may impact your reading