Braun IRT6520 Review

IRT6520 is the no.1 thermometer among doctors and best choose for whole-family .  It takes Braun ThermoScan® 7 with patented Age Precsion® technology to provide accuracy temperature.  Compare with other brand, Braun is a premium German brand and Braun IRT6520Braun ThermoScan® is already regarded as a benchmark for accuracy and is widely used and endorsed by doctors around Europe and it provide excellent accuracy measurement and best baby thermometer for family use.

What is ThermoScan ® 7 with patented Age Precsion® technology and what does it provide?

  • Use exclusive pre-warmed technology to minimizes the cooling effect of a cool probe tip and keep the accuracy when do repeatable measurements
  • Use ExacTemp Positioning technology to gives correct position tips to keep the accuracy Provide poper design on probe to avoid damaging the eardrum, regardless of the person’s age.
  • Takes away the guesswork for non-professionals.
  • Helps you to interpret your child’s temperature taking into account their exact age. With new Age Precision®, you get the accuracy and peace of mind you need.
  • Memory function remain the related 9 temperature readings and provide continuous temperature accuracy.

Compare with Braun IRT6500, it’s a little expensive but it can read more faster and accurate, details will show in compared table. It have good temperature guidance, Simply select your child’s age and take temperature, base on age of child , the colour coded display will help you understand the temperature reading.  By the way it’s the updated version of IRT4520.

What’s the difference between Braun series thermometers

After comparing varous parameters for several Braun products , IRT6520 is the best one for family use from new born to adult.

Braun series Product IRT6520IRT6500IRT6020IRT4520IRT3020WEL04000-200
ThermoScan® Thermoscan® 7 ThermoScan® 5 ThermoScan® 5 ThermoScan® 5 ThermoScan® 3ThermoScan®
Age Precision®
Color Fever Warning
Memory 9 times1 times1 times8 times0 times9 times
  • Braun IRT6520 is the best one for family use because of accurate and quick readings, humanized design. It’s best baby thermometers.
  • Braun IRT6500 is the second recommend product If you want to choose a cheaper and cost-effective one, IRT6500 is completely IRT4520 and IRT6520 Compare with IRT4520 measurement accuracy are exactly the same but more beautiful, Compare with IRT6520 it’s more cheaper.
  • Braun IRT4520 take ThermoScan® 5 technology and shape is bigger than IRT6500. It’s old-high-end with good memory function.
  • Braun WEL04000-200 is highest precision one but extremely expensive than others. It used for doctors and professional level.
  • Braun IRT3020 is small and most easy to use but no auxiliary function. You can choose it If you like simple one.

Braun IRT6520 Feature List

The IRT6520 is newest version of Braun serials, it’s upgraded from IRT4520 and best use for babies. From official site,  it describe the feature clearly.

  • No.1 brand used and recommended by doctors.
  • Age Precision® Technology for age adjustable fever guidance.
  • Colour coded display for easy interpretation of results.
  • Patented pre-warmed tip ensures accuracy.
  • ExacTemp® guidance system function . Light & beep alert for accurate positioning
  • Fast, gentle and easy to use
  • Front panel display with night light
  • Stores the last 9 temperature readings.

User Guidance

Braun  IRT6520 is very easy to use and no need to read the instruction book.

    • Turn on the thermometer by pressing start button.
    • Select the patient’s age, There are three options- babies under 3 months, babies 3-36 months, and all children over the age of 36 months.
    • Place the end of the thermometer into the ear, ensuring there is a lens filter on top
    • Press the Mem button. Wait for a quiet beep.
    • Read the temperature from screen

Easy to use and graphic show the process.


Easy and accurate to read. Newborn babies may have a fever when the temperature is normal for 4-year-old children, but many parents don’t know about this,  IRT6520 take new fever indicates technology and help you to read temperature with out any guess.
Easy to switch the models between Fahrenheit and Celsius by holding down the power button on start-up and it will even show the last recorded temperature in the new scale.
Easy to clean and take them off with alcohol after each reading.

Package Contents

Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer with ExacTemp Technology, protective case, lens filters, and batteries. Packages includes 21 lens covers to keep ear safe and clean, which are replaceable covers that cover the tip of the device (20 in box + 1 on device).IRT6520

Pros && Cons

Braun  IRT6520 is best one with accurate measurement and humanized design for whole-family , although it’s a little expensive . But considering the accurate readings , it’s a very good choice.

  • Excellent accuracy.
  • Quick measure and easy read.
  • No guess work for non-professionals.
  • Large illuminated screen and can read in a darkened room.
  • Remember the last 9 temperature
  • Easily switches the models between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Simple, beautiful and practical.
  • It’s a little expensive than others.
  • Someone will feel troublesome to set select the patient’s age when use.
  • Need careful to protect the probe and keep it far away from water..

Warm Prompt 

Braun IRT6520 used For any age, including a newborn, because it is safety, no danger and do not cause pain. But several tips need to make notice:

  • In order to keep ear clean and safe, the plastic lens covers supposed to be replaced at every reading . Currently, a box of 40 goes for just over $5 on Amazon with lower unit price available at higher quantities. If not replaced every time , need to clean them off with alcohol after each reading. The plastic at the tip of the ear cup is quite thin, so cares need to be takes. If broken need to be replaced immediately, it’s same with IRT6500
  • Do not overlap earmuffs when measure temperature, it will influence the accuracy.
  • Do not measure temperature after sports or  taking a bath.
  • If you need to check the recently temperature , press “Mem” button.
  • Batteries need be properly installed.
  • When measurement, if the ExacTemp lights have been flashing, indicating that no correct measurement, if a few seconds after the light is extinguished, there will be a correct reading.


Braun IRT6520 is best baby thermometer and it adopted more advanced technology, Precision and test speed have been improved but also introduces the Age Precision ™ function, make the machine more intelligent and great convenient for use. Finally, the introduction of the backlight is definitely an important  benefits. It’s most useful for whole family at this price point.