Innovo INV-EF100 Review

Thermometer Innovo INV-EF100 is the best one among forehead temprature products and The #1 recommended forehead thermometer by doctor and pediatricians. It takes new infrared detection technology and human design. It provides great helps when someone is comes down with a fever. It has a dual mode and be used as both ear and forehead and provide service for child from bay to adulthood. Compare with TempIR No-Touch , it have less remain times but the accuracy is more exactly , the design is small and beautify.

What is new infrared detection technology and what does it provide?

  • It also called temporal artery technology and use an infrared scanner to take measurementof the temporal artery in the forehead
  • It’s none- invasiveand safe to use.
  • It’s easy to read and measure accuracy.
  • Dual mode, both ear and forehead

What’s the difference between forehead thermometers

After comparing varous of forehead themometer , Innovo INV-EF100 is the best one among forehead themometer products. Enough to use in family.

Forehead Product Innovo INV-EF100DR. MADRE No-TouchiProven MT-489Braun NTF3000Braun FHT1000 TempIR No-Touch
High Fever Alarm
LCD Diplay
Weight3.2 ounces2.6 ounces4 ounces8 ounces3.2 ounces7.8 ounces
Memory20 times12 times20 times1 time1 time32 times
Touch ModeTouchNo TouchTouchTouch and No TouchTouchNo Touch
  • Innovo INV-EF100 is best one with accurate measurement and humanized design between forehead tempature. Compare others in list, it’s the most beautify one. It’s smaller than others and easy to take when travel.
  • TempIR No-Touch is exactly the same as Innovo INV-EF100. But Innovo INV-EF100 is more small and beautify. By the way TempIR No-Touch is the only infrared thermometer on the market that is backed by a free product replacement guarantee.

Innovo INV-EF100 Feature List

The INV-EF100 pay attention to your family healthy. And design to be both an ear thermometer and a forehead thermometer, ear thermometer recommend for age above 1 and forehead recommend for all ages. Compared with the TempIR No-Touch, the function is similar, but the INV-EF100 is more convenient, easier to operate, it’s best choice for baby.


  • Accurate reading, Clinically have tested and proven the Infra-red lens upgraded in all 2016 model
  • Dual Mode, It can measure via forehead (suitable for all ages) or ear (recommended for children over 1 year old). Provide service for baby to adulthood.
  • Memory remains: Can remain the latest 20 readings. And provide reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Easy used and quick reading. LCD display and reading in darkness room.
  • Alarm when temperature exceeds 99.5°F

User Guidance

Innovo INV-EF100 provide two way to measure temperature, one is via forehead and the other one is va eardrum.

Via forehead:


  • Press the F1 button
  • Slide the thermometer along your forehead and always keep contact with forehead all the times during measurement
  • Release the F1 button and Wait for q quiet beep
  • Read the temperature on LCD screen
Via eardrum:


  • Remove the sensor cover on the top and gently pull ear upward
  • Place the thermometer probe into the ear
  • Press the F2 button and Wait for q quiet beep
  • Read the temperature on LCD screen

Package Contents

Innovo INV-EF100 Thermometer with infrared detection technology, protective case and 2X AAA batteries.


Pros && Cons

INV-EF100 is the best forehead earthermometer with accurate measurement and humanized design , although it’s not perfect. But considering the price to performance ratio , it’s a very good  choice.

  • Accurate and quick Especially when compared with other forehead thermometers.
  • Large screen and easy to ready.
  • Memory function. Remember the last 20 temperature, it’s enough to used.
  • Easily operate and Ergonomic Desgn.
  • Safety, it’s a digital infrared thermomenter and not contain any mercury.
  • Dual model, take both forhead and ear temperature.
  • The screen is not backlit. And it’s near impossible to read in a darkened room.
  • High Fever Alarm can’t be turn off when a fever is detected.
  • No guidance on temperatures , IRT6520 and many of others thermometers will show you indicators to help you understand the reading (color coded Green-Yellow-Red or different beeps).
  • Need careful to protect the probe and keep it far away from water.

Warm Prompt 

Innovo INV-EF100 used For any age, because it is safety, no danger and do not cause pain, but for newborn, choose braun IRT6520 will be better. Several tips need to make notice when measure temprature:

  • Ensure keep contact with forehead when measure
  • Wait at least 10 seconds between every reading if need multiple readings, because very often repeate use with no pause will influence the accuracy.
  • Do not measure temperature after sports or taking a bath.
  • Clear the probe with alcohol if measure ear temperature.
  • Difference 1~2F(0.6~1.2C) between forehead and ear is normal
  • The thermometer sensor is extremely sensitive. Any dirt and/or oil will prevent an accurate measurement.
  • Keep it out of children’s reach.


Innovo INV-EF100 take new infrared detection technology and through a large number of clinical testing accuracy is higher , compare with other forehead Thermometer s , it’s really worth at the price. As mentioned. If used for newborn braun IRT6520 will be better because of Age Precision® Technology for age adjustable fever guidance.

Innovo INV-EF100

Innovo INV-EF100












            • Accurate and quick
            • Large screen and easy to read
            • Remember the last 20 temperature
            • Dual model
            • Safety


            • The screen is not backlit
            • High Fever Alarm can’t be turn off
            • No guidance